PROBECAS Sonora A.C. Committee

“My name is Sandra Aguilar and I lead the capacity development program of the PROBECAS Sonora Committee. PROBECAS is an organization supported by Universidad La Salle Noroeste and our program, called A challenge to an expected destiny, refers to the idea that in Mexico there is a 50% chance that you might forever remain in the same social context into which you are born. This way of thinking implies that the right to education is a privilege.

93 young people have challenged this idea and participated in our program, which we see as a chain of solidarity to break the education barrier. The Sempra Infrastructure Foundation has been a part of this effort for more than three years.

We are always reminded of the words of Albert Camus: a world built on indifference, social injustice, and deep inequalities is a world without a future.”

Sandra Aguilar
PROBECAS Sonora Committee

Carlos Landín’s Story of Success

“Hi, I am Carlos Landín, a graduate of Universidad La Salle Noroeste. I was one of the members of the PROBECAS committee that has been fortunate enough to receive donations from the Sempra Infrastructure Foundation. I want to thank them warmly for supporting us through the years when I was still a student at the university.

Although I have been working in the communications media since I was 17 years old, it was thanks to the new knowledge I acquired at the university that I was able to expand to other exciting areas within the world of communications.

I wish to thank Universidad La Salle Noroeste, the PROBECAS committee, and the Sempra Infrastructure Foundation for making all our dreams come true. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you very much!”

Carlos Landín
Bachelor’s Degree in Communications– Former member of the PROBECAS committee

Casa Hogar del Anciano de Ensenada

“By installing solar panels, we help contribute to preserving our environment and position ourselves as one of the first institutions of our kind to promote sustainability. An added benefit is that we have been able to use our savings to provide better for the people who live at our home.

For our institution, your Foundation represents a higher life expectancy, a support to having a safe home, better quality of life, and dignity for our elderly residents. Thank you for continuing to be part of the journey of Casa Hogar del Anciano de Ensenada.”

Sister Gloria Estrella Pérez
Director of Casa Hogar del Anciano de Ensenada, A.C. (CHAE)


“I speak for all my colleagues when I say that they do not see us as just another tuition; instead, they see us as the future of Mexico. They constantly let us know that we have someone who trusts us and is proud of us. They always know how we are feeling, physically and mentally.”

Fernanda Yazmín Hernández Banaga
International Business student at CETYS Universidad, Ensenada Campus

Power for Water

“At Ejido San Miguel in Sonora, we had intermittent electricity supply. This was a problem because the well that supplied us with drinking water depended on it.

In light of this context, we submitted a request to Sempra Infrastructure Mexico to receive a donation to cover our electricity bills.

The company, however, did not respond like we expected – it exceeded our expectations. Sempra Infrastructure Mexico decided to contribute to the development of the community and began the construction of a photovoltaic project with solar cells that aims to supply energy to the well.

This project is expected to contribute with savings of up to 50% in the electricity bills of 100 people. We therefore hope that (Sempra) continues to support our community. Many thanks.”

Benito Acuña
Ejido San Miguel

Sempra Infrastructure sponsorS
‘The Mission Continues’

Sempra Infrastructure sponsored TMC’s Operation Nourish Veteran’s Day project at Houston Independent School District (ISD)’s Mykawa Farm in Southeast Houston, a working educational farm that integrates nutrition and food science with core curriculum to provide students with hands-on learning experiences.

“The Veteran’s Day project was significant to the accessibility of the farm for students who have mobility challenges” said Dr. Elizabeth Barlow, The Mission Continues regional operations manager. “Through the generous support of Sempra Infrastructure, students who have mobility challenges expect to be included with their peers in the valuable agricultural and STEM learning that Mykawa Farm has to offer.”

The Fire Department of Ensenada

Captain Manuel Alonso García Fierro, Operations Deputy Director of the Fire Department in Ensenada, said that among all the fire departments in the city, they attend an average of 40 to 50 emergencies daily. This entails many different challenges.

“I wish to thank Energía Costa Azul in delivering a total of 206 complete protective suits -with helmets, pants, boots, jackets and gloves- for our firefighters because, as the city of Ensenada continues to grow, the number of challenges faced by our teams continue to increase.”

Not only does the adaptation to new technologies, such as hybrid and electric vehicles, make it necessary to have specific training and special studies, but there are more and more elevated constructions that require different maneuvers and there are currently many more varieties of fuels that generate higher temperatures - which requires better equipment, with greater durability and resistance.

“The equipment that our firefighters received from ECA is essential because it protects our lives every step of the way.”

‘Meals on Wheels’ at Port Arthur LNG

Port Arthur LNG recently donated $2,500 to the United Board of Missions in support of its Meals on Wheels program. Through this effort, volunteers deliver hot meals twice a week to seniors and homebound individuals, allowing family members to rest assured their loved ones are receiving nutritious meals. Cleaning supplies, medical equipment and other items are also being made available.

“We are facing extremely challenging times, so donations like the ones we have received from Port Arthur LNG are critical to our organization,” said Mae Terro, Executive Director at the United Board of Missions. “We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of people we are trying to serve – especially from families that have older parents living with them that are higher risk.”