Finding new ways to reduce emissions

We are conducting early-stage initiatives to develop energy infrastructure designed to help the decarbonization of hard to reduce emissions from our assets and our customers’, including carbon capture and sequestration, hydrogen, ammonia, renewable natural gas, and others.

Exceeded our GHG reduction goal

Our LNG and Net-Zero Solutions business line aims to reduce its GHG emissions intensity by 20% or more compared to the 2020 baseline each year through 2025. In 2021, we exceeded this goal with a GHG emissions intensity of 28% less than baseline. This was a result of several key initiatives at Cameron LNG including operational enhancements and a reliability-centered maintenance program to reduce flaring and fugitive emissions; enhanced methane monitoring to help reduce leaks; and updating the gasification process for LNG vessels. As we continue to grow and gain operational history, we expect to establish a new goal to apply after 2025.

Meaningful social investment

In our work to develop and empower our communities, we made social investments through our ECA LNG Phase 1 project under construction in Ensenada, Baja California, with a US$ 6 milion contribution.

Border Solar in operation

This project, located in Chihuahua, Mexico is now operating and has an estimated annual capacity of 150 MWAC. Including Border Solar, we now have five solar facilities in operation, totaling
529 MWAC of installed capacity.

World-class projects, world-class community assets

We funded and helped build a state-of-the-art community center located in Hackberry, Louisiana, near our Cameron LNG facility. The center serves as a local Emergency Operations Center and a shelter for residents.

Reducing methane through the value chain

Sempra is a founding sponsor of the Gas Technology Institute’s initiative named Veritas, which is designed to increase the understanding of methane emissions throughout the natural gas value chain by developing protocols for the measurement and reconciliation of emissions from production to liquefaction. LNG and Net-Zero Solutions expects to conduct a demonstration project of the Veritas initiative at its existing LNG terminals during 2022.

Protecting marine mammals

Our conservation project aims to protect large marine mammals found in the vicinity of our ECA regasification facility and the site of the proposed ECA LNG facility. Our records for this project include more than 67,000 images of 13 different species, mostly gray whales, sea lions, and dolphins.

Veracruz Terminal for the receipt, storage and delivery of refined products IN OPERATION

Located in Veracruz, Mexico. This new facility has a capacity to store up to 2,120,000 barrels of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, or oxygenating additives. It generated over 5,500 direct and indirect jobs.

Collaborating for a sustainable future

Entered into a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Entergy Louisiana, LLC to cooperate on the development of options to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy to Sempra Infrastructure’s facilities.

Ongoing support for indigenous communities

In our work to support local communities and vulnerable social groups, we continued to strengthen our relationship with the Yaqui tribe in Sonora, Mexico, overcoming the difficulties brought about by the pandemic. We continued our support programs that include scholarships for indigenous university students, the restoration of the Belem ceremonial center of the Yaqui community, and the implementation of a platform to offer online training.

Caring for and preserving biodiversity

In the area neighboring our ECA regasification facility and the site of the proposed ECA LNG facility, we have an initiative that aims to save and preserve local species of flora and fauna, including the ferocactus, an endangered species native to Baja California, and 28 other species. We have long valued the ecosystem in Mexico, and we strive to contribute to its preservation.