It is my great pleasure to present Sempra Infrastructure’s inaugural Sustainability Report.

The last two years have demonstrated how critical energy is to our interconnected world. Today we face the challenges of maintaining public health and safety in the context of an ongoing global pandemic, persistent supply chain disruptions, the war in Ukraine, the unrelenting threats of natural disasters, and global climate change.

As a leading North American energy infrastructure company, we take seriously our role in advancing worldwide energy security, economic growth, and energy decarbonization. We are committed to do so in an environmentally responsible way, in partnership with our employees, communities, partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

Our commitment to sustainability is integral to how we do business and is embodied in our vision to deliver energy for a better world.

We work to serve the world’s growing demand for energy with secure, reliable and cleaner energy. We are committed to building healthy communities and continually looking to advance energy technology. In this report, we describe our sustainability practices and reiterate our Mexico business commitment to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Our success is ultimately powered by our people. As we develop energy infrastructure for a better world, the health, safety, and security of our employees and communities remains our central focus.

I am looking forward to the journey yet to come as we continue to develop an inclusive and diverse workplace built on our common values:

Do the right thing | Champion people | Shape the future

United by these values and partnering with others who share our vision of a secure and sustainable future, I can assure you that Sempra Infrastructure is just getting started.

Justin Bird
Chief Executive Officer