We support our people by investing in their growth, celebrating their achievements, and fostering diversity and inclusion.

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People and culture

Sempra Infrastructure blends multiple cultures and unites people with diverse backgrounds.

Our diversity makes us stronger. Embracing the many traditions and languages of our employees, we share a vision and values. Working together, we promote a culture where people and their well-being are priorities, and where we foster a high-performance environment of respect, inclusion, and authenticity following our guiding principles.

Our workforce

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Our diverse workforce offers and delivers flexibility, adaptability, and capacity for innovation. We are a binational company by definition and, based on our talented team and firm commitment to the values that define us, we work together and collaborate to achieve our goals.

Sempra Infrastructure

% Workforce by Gender in 2021

At Sempra Infrastructure, women make up 30% of the company’s workforce.

Health & Safety

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We recognize the importance of occupational health and safety in our operations, and for that reason, the health, safety and security of our workforce, customers, and communities are at the center of everything we do. We strive to maintain world-class health and safety performance.

Our values have always guided the company’s actions every step of the way. Protecting health and safety in the workplace is embedded in Sempra Infrastructure’s culture.


Sempra Infrastructure is implementing a series of actions to strengthen and permeate our health and safety culture among our employees. These efforts include drills and training courses on health and safety, which have contributed to operations that maintain high safety standards and have met our health and safety performance indicators with high marks:

  • ECA LNG Phase 11 registered a total of 1 million hours worked with no lost-time incidents.

  • Sempra Infrastructure U.S. had two recordable injuries out of approximately 2.5 million hours worked, across different projects.

  • Cameron LNG Phase 1 received the safety award granted by the National Safety Council in recognition of a world-class achievement by industry standards of more than 89 million hours worked without a single lost-time incident during construction and the transition to operations.

  • In Mexico, we aim to certify 100% of facilities under ISO 45001 by 2030. By the end of 2021, we had achieved 59% of our goal.

1 Project currently under construction and targeting initial production of LNG by the end of 2024.

Community engagement

Consistent with our core values and guiding principles, we seek to be an integral part of the communities where we operate and to form lasting relationships.

We are committed to investing in these communities and collaborating with local organizations in alignment with our values of doing the right thing, championing people, and shaping the future. Regardless of the stakeholder group—neighbors, community members or leaders—our vision and strategy are focused on facilitating open communication channels while working together.


Social investment

We provide aid for our communities through the various community support and investment programs that we manage, both at the corporate level, through Fundación Sempra Infraestructura in Mexico and the Sempra Foundation in the U.S., and through actions carried out by the different business lines.

US$ 9,979,555

Sempra Infrastructure social investment in 20212

Our programs

The company aims to build an engagement model based on world-class practices and make it applicable to all its interactions with the community.

2 This amount includes corporate giving figures for both Mexico and the U.S. For Sempra Infrastructure Mexico, the figure includes donations made by Fundación Sempra Infraestructura and social investments made by the company’s business units, operating assets, joint ventures, and by projects under construction (some contributions were made in-kind and are related to project compliance, regulations, or public consultations). For Sempra Infrastructure U.S. the figure includes cash donations, excluding in-kind contributions and donations related to project compliance, regulations or public consultations.


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